NewGenSalsa - NY

"With a unique brass combination of Bone/Tenor/Bari with a versatility which is limitless and identifies their unique sound. Then you add  excellent arrangements that take this combination to another level and makes it work beautifully.  Javier Cabanillas won a Grammy with the Pacific Mambo Orchestra and is a well respected percussionist from San Francisco, CA. and he gives credence that our musical family in the West Coast is current in the Latin Jazz Scene." 

- William Mendoza.

Solar Latin Club - COLOMBIA

"El percusionista Javier Cabanillas debuta en 2018 con su producción “Infrasonic.”  Javier lidera el ensamble Cabanijazz Project, un All-Stars de la salsa de la Costa Oeste de Los Estados Unidos;  Ración de maestría y sabor que deben ir unidos para un éxito rutilante. De los mejor de este 2018 sin ninguna duda." 

- Luis Valero

Latin Jazz Network - CANADA

"With heat from the blue part of the flame – suggesting fire and, at times, ice – in ensemble and solo passages of Infrasonic by the Cabanijazz Project this music cuts Afro-Caribbean music to the bone and turns each of the ten charts into music that delivers hook upon hook the likes of which make Javier Cabanillas’ group a true power-ensemble. Mr Cabanillas complements his own crisp clarity of the congas with showcasing prodigiously-gifted musicians who solo with passion, inspiration and power." 

- Raul de Gama


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